Being able to view the inside of the body is the main benefit of x-rays. X-rays were discovered in 1895 by a German named Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen. His discovery has lead to great breakthroughs in medicine.

The x-rays, as they travel through the body, are absorbed by certain high dense tissues, and therefore create a shadow of that object on the x-ray film. This is what the medical field calls the x-ray image.

The x-rays that we take at BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC are images that show us the position, inter-relationship, and condition of the spinal bones called vertebrae. The x-rays also tell us relative condition of the soft tissue surrounding the boney structures of the spine. X-rays are a great tool for your doctor to visualize your body, and particularly your spine, and helps him/her in evaluating your specific health condition.

It is important to keep in mind, that although x-rays are radiation, modern x-ray equipment gives significantly less radiation to the patient, and to the operator than the x-rays of even 30 years ago. High speed film, and high speed x-ray screens have made x-ray images available to the doctor with up to 40 times less radiation than some of the earlier x-ray facilities.

BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC has modern equipment for taking, and processing x-rays. Call us today, and come in for a FREE tour of our new facilities, and see for yourself what modern technology can do for you.
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