Diagnostic examinations are performed to help your doctor evaluate and diagnose your health problem. At BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC, we have some of the latest technology when it comes to diagnostic examination.

PALPATION Spinal palpation is where the doctor, with his hands, feels the spine, and para-spinal areas, as well as other areas of complaint. Palpation can either be static (without any movement), or motion (with movement). Each of these two types of palpation help tell the doctor things about your spine, or other areas, that no other test can tell.

POSTURAL ANALYSIS Your body's posture is vital to good health. With a postural analysis, we look for distortions in the alignment of the body. The pelvis, hips, shoulders, and head tilt, are just some of the areas that we commonly evaluate. An unlevel pelvis is the foundation of an unhealthy spine. Any postural distortion that is evident can indicate developing health problems.

BILATERAL WEIGHT ANALYSIS When you stand with equal weight on both feet, your weight distribution should also be equal. In other words, you should not have more weight on the right or left side of your body compared to the other side. If you have more than 5% of your body weight extra, either on the right or left side, it can indicate developing health problems. If you have more than 10% of your body weight on one side, that indicates not only developing problems, but also that the body is in compensation, and trying to adapt to the misalignment.

MOIRE CONTOUR ANALYSIS The contour analysis was developed originally for the testing of the outer surfaces of rockets to detect flaws. The chiropractic profession began using this technology to evaluate the postural, and musculoskeletal distortions of the human body. Contour analysis shows your doctor the areas of distortion, muscle pulling, postural, and spinal imbalance. Re-examinations with the contour analysis reduce the necessity for repeated radiological studies.

PNEU-MAP We have for many years been able to evaluate the posture of the spine from a side to side basis. Now, with new technology, we are able to determine a patient's posture as it relates to a front to back plane. The Pneu-Map and it's computer program, aid in determining more about the misalignment, and spinal distortions that occur in our patients. With this information, your doctor can design a treatment program for you to speed up the healing process, but more important than that, your doctor can help prevent new problems from developing, or degenerative problems from getting worse as you age.

NERVE TEMPERATURE STUDIES Areas of nerve interference can reveal themselves as either increased temperature to an area, or reduced temperature to an area. The DTG (Dermothermograph) is an infrared reading instrument that plots the temperature of the spine and shows either areas of higher or lower temperature. This examination, in conjunction with palpation, and the other examinations discussed on this page help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis, and help him/her to make the appropriate recommendations.

ELECTRICAL ACUPUNCTURE EXAMINATION Measuring the energy of the meridian system is an important means by which our doctors at BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC further explore the function, and activity within the body of our patients. This examination is done by use of a microcurrent. We measure the resistance of each of the main meridians of the body, and plot them on a graph. If you've tried everything else, and still have health problems, ask of to evaluate you with this electrical acupuncture examination.

All of the above diagnostic examinations are performed on site at BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC. We also offer hair analysis, blood analysis, urinalysis, and other diagnostic studies which are performed at a medical laboratory. We also make referrals when needed for MRI, CAT Scans, and other diagnostic studies. If we can't do it here, we will help you find the right place to get it done.
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